1. Woooo my new guitar :D

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    Harvey & Rabbit - Friends Forever (Thinkbox Advert)

    Song: Friends by Adam Buxton 
    (specially written for the advert) 

    Do you really need them? Yes.
    If you haven’t got a friend, then you’re just you
    There’s half as many things that you can do
    Who’s gonna tell you that you’re not a prat, if not your best friend?
    Do you recall when we did that? Yes.
    Sharing - the brilliant jokes we’ve had throughout the year
    (It’s those times together)
    It’s not the same when you’re not there.

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    two contemporary imaginings of the top ten club

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    John’s Christmas card that he gave to his girlfriend Cynthia in 1959 

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    Never touch your pets again

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    He was high before he was high

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  10. John Lennon with his dog Nigel.

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